It’s not every person who still lives in her own home at 101 years of age. But then, Eleanor Kolb isn’t just any person.

Eleanor had always been active. She was a nurse and is a mother of two, grandmother of four and now has two great grandchildren. She played bridge and loved to garden and sew. She remained active into the 10th decade of her life, until a bad fall resulted in a hospital stay and a long convalescence. But Eleanor has been able to remain in her adored Germantown home — with the help of Ralston My Way.

In the past Eleanor turned to Ralston My Way for occasional help with housecleaning and gardening. Since her fall, she has relied on home health aides, who visit twice a day.

One aspect Eleanor likes about Ralston My Way is getting services from a local agency that’s closely connected to the community. But what she enjoys most is the personal connection with the Ralston My Way caregivers who deliver services.

“It’s more than just a helping hand,” explains Eleanor’s son, Richard. “There’s a measure of companionship and care that’s really important.”

Richard believes there are two qualities of Ralston My Way that are unmatched. First is the commitment to providing a high level of service at an organizational level. “If an employee is sick and can’t come one day, they’ll make a major effort to find a substitute to make sure Mom’s situation is covered,” he says.

Second is the Ralston My Way caregivers themselves. “I’ve dealt with five or six people, and all of them have been very pleasant and helpful,” Richard relates. “Caring is the word I would use, because it’s clear they care personally about my mother.”

The result is that Eleanor has been able to stay in her beloved home. “And believe me, she made clear very early on that this point was nonnegotiable,” Richard laughs.

“That’s what’s so invaluable about Ralston My Way,” he concludes. “It’s allowing people to stay in their homes, and it’s an enormous benefit to the community.”