How a Ralston caregiver made a
difference to a family separated by COVID-19

A Ralston My Way member (we will call Ms.T) requested we provide transportation.  Her son was being transferred to hospice and, due to the no visitation orders during COVID-19, they missed being together for Mother’s Day and his birthday. She was able to arrange for a 20-minute visit where she could see him through the window but have no direct contact.  Still, it was their only chance to celebrate.

Jerry, a Ralston My Way driver, was given this information when he was asked to transport Ms.T. He took the assignment personally and decided to find out the facility’s requirements. Ms T wanted to bring her son photos, favorite treats and other meaningful items. Jerry helped arrange the delivery of the items to the facility and her son.

The visit was a success and that made Ms. T both happy and sad. Observing this, Jerry engaged her in a conversation about her grief and encouraged her to talk as they drove home.

Jerry never mentioned any of the details to the team at Ralston My Way, but Ms. T reached out to us to say that Jerry was a kind ear and provided great support when she needed it.

We strive to make the lives of older adults better every day.