Contact: Jean Papaj, Director, Communications and Marketing

Ralston My Way Closes After 11 Years of Service

Nonprofit home care agency thanks the community for their support

Philadelphia, PA., March 25, 2021 - Effective May 4, 2021, Ralston My Way, a licensed home care agency, will stop providing home care, home repairs and other services to older residents in Northwest Philadelphia.

Many factors including difficulty recruiting caregivers, decreased levels of service requests and the challenge of attracting new members during COVID-19 has made this difficult decision a necessary one. Over the last 11 years we have had the pleasure and privilege of providing thousands of people with personal care, home repair services and much more. We thank our members, partners and the community for their commitment, loyalty and support. We will be assisting members currently receiving services to find alternative providers,” said Lynette Killen, Ralston’s Executive Director.

Ralston Center will continue to operate. Ralston Wellness, a program established almost 30 years ago, is focused on embracing life as we age through exercise, enrichment and learning how to be your best at any age. Education programs provide opportunities to stay socially engaged and connected and learn new things. Guided exercise programs allow older adults to increase flexibility, strength and balance. Classes include Chair Yoga, Stretch & Tone, Feldenkrais, Tai Chi and Abdominal Workout. Both exercise and education sessions are currently offered via Zoom.

Ralston Center was established in 1817 as the Indigent Widows and Single Women’s Society. Our mission is to provide supportive services and programs to older adults in West and Northwest Philadelphia. For more information,