Jean Papaj
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Joseph A. Lukach Leaves Ralston Center

Philadelphia, Pa., August 3, 2017 – Joseph A. Lukach’s last day as CEO of Ralston Center was Friday, July 28th. The news was announced by Neville Strumpf, Ph.D., FAAN, President of Ralston’s board of managers.

“We are grateful for Joe’s contributions over five years of dedicated service,” said Strumpf, citing Lukach’s accomplishments. “Joe ushered in the Ralston Age-Friendly West Philadelphia initiative, a partnership of 40 organizations making West Philadelphia a more livable community. He also oversaw the growth of Ralston My Way, which provides services that enable 2,000 older Northwest Philadelphians to live at home. Finally, Joe raised the visibility of Ralston Center and established connections that will serve us well in the future.”

Strumpf, assisted by other board members, will oversee Ralston Center during the search for Lukach’s successor. A retired professor of gerontological nursing at the University of Pennsylvania, she has led the board of Ralston Center since 2010.

According to Strumpf, Ralston clients will experience no change in services during the leadership transition. “We are fortunate to have an experienced staff committed to improving the lives of older people,” she said.