About Ralston's Age-Friendly Initiative

For three years the Ralston Age-friendly West Philadelphia Initiative has taken us in new directions. At the beginning we spent time performing due diligence: environmental assessments, secondary research, meetings, focus groups, and having dialogues with community members.

The catalyst for positive change, however, was our first formal stakeholder meeting held in October 2015, which brought together representatives from over 50 community, university, health care, senior center, and social service organizations to discuss our findings and gather additional input. The individuals who attended brought their best thoughts and ideas to the table and the discussions resulted in a decision to focus our efforts on three different areas that will benefit members of our community who are aging in place.

All of this work would not be possible without the investment in the process and generous contribution of the time and ideas of the organizations we are working with. Our shared objective is simple: To improve the lives of those aging in the West Philadelphia community through our work. Together, we will make a difference.


Age-Friendly West Philadelphia Initiative

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