Ralston Center Commitment to Anti-Racism

The Board of Managers and Staff of Ralston Center and Ralston My Way recognize and sympathize with the deep pain that has understandably triggered massive protests across the country following the death of George Floyd, and tragically, the dealths of too may others in the Black community.

There is no question that social action on many, many levels is necessary.  As a charitable organization, serving mostly elderly Black Americans in West and Northwest Philadelphia, with a caregiving team also mostly Black Americans, we stand in solidarity with them, and all who are working for justice, equity and fairness.

> We stand in our shared responsibility to have the difficult conversations needed to create stronger communities and a better America.

> We commit to learning from the recent tragic events as a lens through which to examine where we fit into the power structures allowing injustice and marginalization to be part of a longstanding accepted status quo.

> We will identify specific steps, yet to be fully determined, for addressing these challenging realities in our daily lives, work and communities.

Our first step will be to create a Diversity, Respect, Equity and Inclusion Task Force, consisting of both board and staff members. The charge of the Task Force will be "to undertake a thorough review of all Ralston policies and practices, to identify needed training and education; to assure engagement of all in hard, but necessary conversations; and to produce a set of recommendations and a timeline of actions to enhance diversity, respect, equity and inclusion in all aspects of our organization."

Ralston Center’s Diversity, Respect, Equity and Inclusion Task Force Recommended Resource List