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Barbara Kroberger (L), Ralston My Way social worker, working with Janet Filing, Ralston My Way member, on a care plan for her husband.

Ralston My Way is a Pennsylvania Department of Health licensed homecare agency established in 2010. We provide affordable home and personal care, repairs, yardwork, transportation and more for adults 50+ in the communities of Germantown, Mount Airy, East and West Oak Lane and Chestnut Hill. Our caregivers meet the highest standards to ensure our members receive the quality care they deserve.

A Ralston My Way social worker guides you and your loved ones through the process of making decisions about your care and connects you with the answers and resources you need with our newest service, Care Management.

“This is a program with a lot of heart. These people aren’t just doing a ‘job;’ they realize we are human beings whose thoughts and feelings are important, and they listen.”

– Janet Filing


Janet's Story

I’ve been a resident of Mount Airy for over 50 years, and once I got up there in age, I knew that I would need some help doing things around the house. I worked in West Philadelphia, where I had heard about Ralston Center and the wellness and education programs there. But it wasn’t until a neighbor of mine mentioned Ralston My Way that I realized the full scope of programs Ralston has for older adults. I signed up shortly after learning about them and it was so easy to get someone to do yard work or transportation—I just loved it!

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“Ralston My Way staff understands the needs of older people and has some innovative ways to meet those needs. It’s such a comfort to other aging service organizations in the area to know we have a place we can trust to make referrals.”

Mary Fallon
Founding Executive
Director of UUH Outreach


members received service through Ralston MyWay


hours of affordable home care services

Feedback from attendees

96% say they would use our services again

98% rate our service as "helpful" and "friendly"

98% say Ralston MyWay makes a significant contribution to the quality of their lives

“The most important thing in my work is earning the trust of our members. We really listen so we know what is important to them and what they want done. When members start to ask for me by name—that’s when I know I’m doing a good job.”

Janette Edwards
Ralston MyWay Caregiver

We Move

High-quality fitness classes and education programs for adults aged 55+.

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We Educate

Education offerings and creative activities help people stay vital and connected as they age.

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