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From upper left: Shiva Das, Marlene Younger, Carol Buettger and Jacqueline Duci practice chair yoga in the Ralston Center garden.

Ralston Wellness provides affordable, high-quality fitness classes and education programs for adults aged 55+ including Stretch & Tone, Chair Yoga, Feldenkrais, Tai Chi and Abdominal Workout. Participating in these programs increases flexibility and balance, reduces discomfort and supports performance of everyday activities. Classes run at Ralston House and at partner community locations in Philadelphia.

“I improved with each class. I regained my flexibility, my balance, my stamina—it was fabulous! I can honestly say that because of this class I am 100% improved.”

–Jacqueline Duci

Jacqueline's Story

I started taking the Stretch & Tone class at Ralston Center about a year ago, after a neighbor of mine suggested it. I was recovering from two pretty serious falls; one where I fractured my kneecap, and another one where I injured my back and fractured my pelvis. I had been a very active person before my injuries, but after, it was incredibly difficult for me to even walk around the block. I thought, “I’ve always heard getting older would be difficult, but I didn’t know it would be this bad!”

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“I’ve been working with Ralston Center for nearly 30 years and have seen firsthand how Ralston’s Wellness classes can change an older person’s life. We’re not just treating the body, we’re also treating the soul.”

—Tilly Heggs-Adams, Ralston Wellness instructor and retired geriatric nurse practitioner


people participated in Ralston Wellness programs


hours Ralston Wellness classes at Ralston Center and our Community Partner locations around philadelphia

Feedback from attendees

90% feel stronger

91% feel better physically

91% feel more flexible

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