Welcome to Ralston My Way!  

Staff Resources

Meet the Ralston My Way Team

James Brannon -

Hi, I am Jim Brannon the Ralston My Way Foreperson for Home Repairs, Yardwork and Odd Jobs. I provide training and oversight for workers who are new to Ralston My Way. “Rock on.”  jbrannon@ralstonmyway.org

Adia Sanders -
Member Services Coordinator

Hello and welcome to Ralston My Way! I welcome new members to our organiztion and  services and assist in getting them scheduled. “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” asanders@ralstonmyway.org


Jacqui Anderson -
Caregiver Relations Coordinator

I am Jacqui and I schedule services requested by our members and coordinate that schedule with caregivers. Please feel free to give me a call when you have any questions about the schedule or Ralston My Way protocols. We are your support system and are here to help! janderson@ralstonmyway.org

Allison Cooper -

I'm Ally, Bookkeeper for Ralston My Way and Ralston Center. You can reach out to me when you have questions about an invoice or if you want to help a member pay for services by phone. I am here to help with all billing related questions! acooper@ralstonmyway.org

Lynette Killen -
Executive Director

Hi, I am the Executive Director of Ralston Center and the Director of My Way. I am very happy to welcome you to the My Way Team. Next to you, I am the “youngest” member on the Team. I joined the Team in March, 2018. I look forward to working with you. lkillen@ralstoncenter.org

Eric Wilden -
Director of Engagement

I’m Eric, and I’ve been with Ralston My Way for more than eight years. I love working for an organization that helps uphold the dignity and respect of every individual, no matter what their needs are. Outside of work I love hanging out with my kids, running, and being outside as much as possible. Welcome to My Way! ewilden@ralstonmyway.org

Jean Papaj - 
Director, Communications & Marketing

Welcome to Ralston My Way! I am the person who will be asking for photos and stories about your experiences working with our Ralston My Way members. Help me make our work come to life by sharing anecdotes and selfies from your work! jpapaj@ralstoncenter.org