Janet Filing, Ralston My Way member since 2014   

I’ve been a resident of Mount Airy for over 50 years, and once I got up there in age, I knew that I would need some help doing things around the house. I worked in West Philadelphia, where I had heard about Ralston Center and the wellness and education programs there. But it wasn’t until a neighbor of mine mentioned Ralston My Way that I realized the full scope of programs Ralston has for older adults. I signed up shortly after learning about them and it was so easy to get someone to do yard work or transportation—I just loved it!

My husband’s health had been declining for a few years and Ralston’s home care services allowed me to continue to work and travel knowing he would be well taken care of.  About two years ago, my husband’s physician decided he needed more care than we could provide at home. But where would we place him? What did he need?  We had so many questions, so we reached out to the social worker at Ralston My Way.

She was so helpful. She did an assessment with my husband and our whole family, looking at every part of his care. She told us our options, gave us a sense of the process of admitting my husband to a facility, and provided us with a timeline that made the transition a lot easier. Everything was very clear, and the process was objective. Eventually we found the right home for him and it was all thanks to Ralston My Way.

Ralston My Way continues to be involved with his care. I often worry about the care my husband is receiving and someone from Ralston My Way can talk to people at his facility, gather information about his care, be a sounding board for me when I have questions, and intervene when changes need to be made. Ralston My Way’s staff is a part of my team, and they make it so I don’t have to put my life on hold or get overwhelmed. Their experience dealing with the difficult dynamics of care makes them so valuable to me.

I continue to rely on Ralston My Way for help around the house. And as I think about downsizing to a smaller place, I know I can count on them to help when I need it. This is a program with a lot of heart. These people aren’t just doing a “job,” they realize we are human beings whose thoughts and feelings are important and they listen.