Our Donors

Ralston Champions of Aging

The Board of Managers of Ralston Center is deeply grateful to the following individuals, businesses and foundations for making philanthropic contributions to provide older Philadelphians with high-quality wellness classes, home care, housing and more.

2018 Individual Donors

Mr. Nathan Adams
Ms. Maureen Alexander & Ms. Kathryn Doyle
Mr. Bruce Allardice
Ms. Jacqui Anderson
Ms. Laveda Atkins
Ms. Mary Ann Baron
Ms. Ida Bellinger
Mr. & Dr. Carl Bennett
Ms. Isabel Bohn
Mrs. Shiva Bonakdar
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Boulay
Mr. & Mrs. James Buck
Mrs. Anne Callan*
Ms. Kathleen Carmichael
Mr. & Mrs. John Coleman
Ms. Nancy Collins*
Ms. Marie Colville
Ms. Allison Cooper
Dr. Edward Cooper
Mr. Jon Dagostino
Ms. Caroline Davidson
Ms. Rita DeMarco
Dr. & Mrs. Bill Edwards
Ms. Freda Egnal
Mr. Michael Erdman*
Mrs. Donna Erickson
Ms. Nena Eskridge & Ms. Juliet Sarkessian
Mr. John Federico
Mrs. Mary Ann Federico
Mr. Michael Feighan
Ms. Nancy Fink
Dr. Mary Ann Forciea*
Ms. Linda Gerson & Mr. Robert Meyer
Ms. Gay Gervin*
Dr. Maureen Gibney
Ms. Catherine Gillespie*
Mr. Leonard Glantz
Mr. & Mrs. Herb Glantz
Drs. Allen & Gail Glicksman
Ms. Mary Goldman
Ms. Lorraine Grady
Ms. Ann Greene
Ms. Eileen Harrison
Ms. U. Tara Hayden*
Dr. Violet Henighan
Mr. & Mrs. George Herold
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin T. Hoyle*
Dr. Lucille Ijoy
Mr. William Jennings-Hess
Mrs. Phylis Jones
Dr. Elizabeth Keech*
Mrs. Lynette Killen
Ms. Gayl Koster
Ms. Barbara Kroberger
Mr. Kevin McCann & Ms. Cheryl Kubelick
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lewis
Dr. Louise Lisi
Ms. Juanita Lloyd & Ms. Ellen Phillips
Mr. Jerry Martin
Ms. Grace McMillian
Ms. Sharon McNabb
Dr. Anne Mitchell
Ms. Carlyn Nicholson
Ms. Elizabeth Nord
Mrs. Kathleen Oberkircher
Ms. Jean Papaj
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Pizzi*
Ms. Helen Post
Dr. Patricia Pruett
Rev. Erik M. Resly
Ms. Barbara Rittenhouse
Mrs. Marilyn Rivers
Ms. Jennifer Russell
Ms. Adia Sanders
Mr. & Mrs. James Scott*
Mr. Andrew Sellers
Ms. Delores Smith
Ms. Theresa Snyder and Ms. Linda Stanley
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Strayer
Dr. Neville E. Strumpf*
Ms. Michelle Sudler
Mr. Richard Taylor
Ms. Sharon Turner*
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Tyburski*
Mr. Robert Walker
Ms. Helma Weeks
Ms. Susan Weinberg
Ms. Lynda White
Mr. Eric Wilden
Mr. Jerome A. Zatzman
Ms. Mary Zell

Foundations and Government Donors

Bright & Christella Erichson Charitable Trust
The Drumcliff Foundation
Germantown Relief Society
Henrietta Tower Wurts Memorial
The Estate of James H. Robinson
Dr. Johanne Louis Foundation
Leo Niessen, Jr. Charitable Trust
PA Department of Education
Philadelphia Corporation for Aging
The Scholler Foundation

Legacy Donors

Nearly 200 years ago, Sarah Ralston encouraged hundreds of generous Philadelphians to join her in providing care for the city’s older citizens when she established the society that became Ralston Center. Thousands of people have perpetuated Ralston’s vision and extended the impact of her work. The men and women listed below have provided exceptional perpetual support for Ralston Center’s work. 

John S. Bush Trust
Elizabeth Chauncey Trust
Elon Dunbar Trust
Joseph S. Keen Jr. Trust
William Vaux Jr. Trust

*denotes current or past members of the Ralston Center Board of Managers