Our Donors

Ralston Champions of Aging

The Board of Managers of Ralston Center is deeply grateful to the following individuals, businesses and foundations for making philanthropic contributions in 2015 to provide older Philadelphians with high-quality wellness classes, home care, housing and more.

2015 Donors

Individual Donors

Ms. Kathryn R. Doyle & Ms. Maureen Alexander
Ms. Diane Black
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Boulay
Ms. Janice Boulden
Ms. Anne E. Callan*
Ms. Kathleen G. Carmichael
Mr. Milton Cohen
Ms. Jeannette K. Coleman
Mr. & Mrs. John Coleman
Ms. Nancy E. Collins*
Dr. Edward S. Cooper
Ms. Clarice R. Cox
Ms. Lyn Davis
Ms. Rita DeMarco
Ms. Freda Egnal
Mr. Michael P. Erdman*
Ms. Juliet Sarkessian & Ms. Nena Eskridge
Ms. Christa Federico
Debbie & John Federico
Mr. & Mrs. John Federico
Mr. Theodore W. Loder & Ms. Janet I. Filing
Ms. Jorjina Floyd
Dr. Mary Ann Forciea*
Mr. & Mrs. John Frank
Mr. Michael Galan
Ms. Linda Gerson & Mr. Robert A. Meyer
Ms. Cheryl Giles
Catherine H. Gillespie Esq.*
Ms. Diana Goldberg
Ms. Lorraine Grady
Ms. Ellen T. Greenlee
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hanna*
Ms. Eileen J. Harrison
Dr. Peter Hartocollis & Ms. Calliope Hartocollis
Ms. U. Tara Hayden*
Dr. Violet Henighan
Mr. George O. Herold & Mrs. Cara P. Herold
Mr. Joseph J. Hill
Mrs. Catherine A. Hineline & Mr. Philip N. Hinelime
Mrs. Edna E.. Hollimon & Mr. Curvin H. Hollimon
Mr. Edgar J. Holzer & Catharine C. Holzer
Mr. David Hursh
Ms. Jill James-Idan
Ms. Carolyn D. Jackson
Mr. Roland Jahn & Ms. Marian Katz Jahn
Ms. Phyllis M. Johnson
Charlotte E. Jones
Mr. Garry Jones
Ms. Judith C. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kaprielyan*
Ms. Susan Karchmer
Dr. Elizabeth K. Keech*
Gayl E. Koster
Ms. Carole L. Lindner
Mr. Burton S. Froom & Dr. Louise M. Lisi
Ms. Ellen C. Phillips & Ms. Juanita Lloyd
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Lukach*
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Marcolina
Mrs. Elizabeth Martin
Ms. Jeannette McCullough
Ms. Jane Moore
Ms. Suzanne Moore
Ms. Elizabeth A. Nord
Ms. Rachel Winslow & Mr. Peter Ogle
Ms. Jean Papaj
Mr. Robert Peopples
Mr. Joseph Perrott
Mr. & Mrs. Dale A. Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Pizzi*
Dr. Patricia Onderdonk Pruett
Mr. Thomas R. Queer
Mr. & Mrs. John Rauch
Mr. & Mrs. Artis T. Ray
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore L. Reed
Mr. James H. Robinson
Ms. Pearl O. Robinson
Salvatore Rotella Esq.*
Ms. Karen Rothschild
Ms. Jennifer Russell
Ms. Rosemary E. Rys
Ms. Pearl E. Savage
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Schofer
Ms. Eloise Scott
Ms. Karen A. Scott
Ms. Patricia Sharkey
Ms. Phyllis Singler
Ms. Rose Marie Harrison & Ms. Mildred Smith
Ms. Linda Stanley & Ms. Theresa Snyder
Ms. Paula G. Spielberg
Mr. & Mrs. Francis R. Strawbridge
Dr. Neville E. Strumpf*
Mr. & Mrs. John Grober
Ms. Louise K. Taylor
Ms. Marlisse A. Taylor
Ms. Elaine Terranova
Ms. Carol Towarnicky
Ms. Sharon Turner*
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan D. Tyburski*
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Tyburski
Ms. Julie Valenti
Mr. & Mrs. Duncan Van Dusen*
Mr. & Mrs. David K. Wagner
Ms. Joan Weiner
Mr. & Mrs. Coakley G. White Jr.
Ms. Lynda White
Ms. Velma Whitlock
Ms. Brenda Whitmore
Ms. Sharon Burg & Ms. Dorothy B. Windsor
Mr. & Mrs. John Woolsey
* denotes member of Ralston Center’s Board of Managers

Foundations and Corporate Donors
Bright & Christella Erichson Charitable Trust
Connelly Foundation
Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation
Friends Foundation for the Aging
The McLean Contributionship
The Patricia Kind Family Foundation
PNC Charitable Trusts
The Scholler Foundation
Your Part-Time Controller

2014 Donors

Individual Donors

Ms. Jacqueline Akins
Ms. Anne E. Callan*
Ms. Jane Calvani
Ms. Hulda Classen
Ms. Nancy Collins*
Dr. Edward S. Cooper*
Mr. Michael P. Erdman*
Dr. Mary Ann Forciea*
Ms. Mary Garner
Ms. Gay Gervin*
Ms. Maureen Gibney
Ms. Catherine H. Gillespie*
Mr. Semon Hachikian
Mr. Michael Hanna*
Dr. Peter Hartocollis
Ms. U. Tara Hayden*
Ms. Elizabeth Keech*
Ms. Catherine Landrum
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lukach*
Rev. Dr. Renee McKenzie-Hayward*
Ms. Joan Menocal
Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell
Ms. Elise Robinson Pizzi*
Ms. Sarah Potts
Dr. Patricia Onderdonk Pruett
Mr. Salvatore G. Rotella*
Dr. Barry Rovner*
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Shugarts
Mr. Gabriel Smith
Ms. Linda Stanley and Dr. Theresa Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Strawbridge*
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Strawbridge
Dr. Neville Strumpf*
Ms. Linda Szilyagi and Mr. Peter Wise
Ms. Marlisse Taylor
Ms. Sharon Turner*
Mr. Jonathan D. Tyburski*
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Van Dusen*
Ms. Joan Weiner
Ms. Rachel Winslow
* denotes member of Ralston Center’s Board of Managers

Eliz GrangeIn Memory of Elizabeth Ann Grange (1914-2014)

Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Grange provided distinguished service as President of the Ralston House Board of Managers in the 1950s and as a member of the Board for 50 years. Her service exemplified Ralston Center’s values and our commitment to providing care and fostering a high quality of life for older Philadelphians. Ralston Center is grateful to the donors listed here for their gifts in Mrs. Grange’s memory.

Ms. Susan Bankston
Mrs. Philip A. Bregy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Erdman
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Greenough
Mr. Charles Krick
Ms. Barbara C. Linder
Mr. Lathrop B. Nelson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Schwarz
Ms. Elaine G. Terranova
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Van Dusen
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Strawbridge

Institutional Donors

Bright and Christella Erichson Charitable Trust, sponsor of Ralston Center’s Caregiver Awards
Friends Foundation for the Aging, a sponsor of Ralston My Way
Independence Blue Cross Foundation, a sponsor of Ralston My Way

Legacy Donors

Nearly 200 years ago, Sarah Ralston encouraged hundreds of generous Philadelphians to join her in providing care for the city’s older citizens when she established the society that became Ralston Center. Thousands of people have perpetuated Ralston’s vision and extended the impact of her work. The men and women listed below have provided exceptional perpetual support for Ralston Center’s work.

John W. Barton Trust
John S. Bush Trust
Elizabeth Chauncey Trust
Elon Dunbar Trust
Joseph S. Keen Jr. Trust
William Vaux Jr. Trust