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Our Mission
To provide supportive services and programs to older adults in West and Northwest Philadelphia.

Over 204 years ago,

Sarah Ralston collected support from more than 400 prominent Philadelphia women – the wives of the booming city’s merchants, businessmen, farmers, and government officials – and organized a society to house and care for the city’s indigent widows and other single women.

Ever since, Ralston Center has been a pioneering advocate for the health and quality of life of older Philadelphians.

Our work is guided by the trusting relationships we have developed over many years with those we serve and those who support us.

Ralston Center’s programs and services produce critical outcomes that directly benefit older adults in Philadelphia and indirectly benefit families of older adults and the city at large.

Ralston Wellness includes both fitness and education and is about embracing life as we age through exercise, enrichment and learning how to be your best at any age. Our programs provide opportunities to stay socially engaged and connected, learn new things and help demystify the path to health and well-being.

Ralston’s guided exercise programs via Zoom due to COVID-19, allow older adults to increase flexibility, strength and balance. Participants learn the importance of doing exercises correctly and how to reduce discomfort. Classes include Chair Yoga, Stretch & Tone, Feldenkrais, Tai Chi and Abdominal Workout.

Ralston’s education programs are facilitated by physicians, opinion leaders, lawyers and social service providers who bring our participants the expert information they need to develop and maintain healthy behaviors and navigate the issues and challenges that come with aging. Education sessions are currently offered via Zoom.

Older Philadelphians are growing in numbers, as well as in the depth of their need. Please heed Sarah Ralston’s call across generations and become a Champion of Healthy Aging by making a tax-deductible gift to Ralston Center today.

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